DRS Mastering Service

Whether it’s a CD or a digital download, your album isn’t ready for release until it’s been mastered. It’s an element of the recording process that you cannot skip. Every mainstream album released on a major label is professionally mastered, but it’s a crucial step that most local and independent artists skip. Some think it isn’t necessary, but the difference becomes the most apparent when you play your tracks on different speaker systems.  With our mastering service, our engineers optimize your music by using EQ, compression, and other dynamics processing, so your music can sound the best it possibly can on any speaker system. We deliver this service to artists, record companies, and other clients at a price that won’t break their budget.  For even more value we strongly recommend using our mixing service, having your projects engineered all in one place.

Mastering Service from Danger Room Studios will give you:


  • 1-3 Songs
  • $50/Song
  • 50% Deposit Required
  • 4-6 Songs
  • $200One Time
  • 50% Deposit Required
  • 7-12 Songs
  • $300One Time
  • 50% Deposit Required
  • 13-16 Songs
  • $400One Time
  • 50% Deposit Required
  • 17-20 Songs
  • $500One Time
  • 50% Deposit Required